Kipper is, much like Lenormand, a German fortune-telling method but one that, unlike the latter, has largely stayed within the boundaries of the German-speaking world. It is one of Europe’s best kept secrets – and for a reason. This deck of 36 cards gives actual, tangible results. With its large number of people cards as well as images and symbols addressing down-to-earth, real life concerns, it delivers exceptionally accurate readings, be it on our past, present or future.

Since English-language resources on learning Kipper as still scarce, I intend to work hard to fix that and help the novice eager to learn this fascinating system through my regular blog posts. So far, I have managed to write a concise guide to the basics of interpreting the cards to which I will, over time, add more. Be sure to check my website often and follow me on social media for new and extremely useful bits of information.

Introduction to Kipper cards
Kipper card meanings
1. Main significator, Male
2. Main significator, Female
3. State of marriage
4. Meeting
5. Good gentleman
6. Good lady
7. Letter
8. False person
9. Change
10. Journey
11. Win lots of money
12. Rich girl
13. Young good lord
14. Sad news
15. Good outcome in love
16. His thoughts
17. Receive a gift
18. A small child
19. Fatality
20. House
21. Living room
22. Military person
23. Court of law
24. Theft
25. High honors
26. Great fortune
27. Unhoped for money
28. Expectations
29. Prison
30. Court official
31. Short illness
32. Sorrow and unpleasantness
33. Gloomy thoughts
34. Work and occupation
35. Long road
36. Great water, Hope
Card combinations
The ultimate problem-solving Kipper card spread (The Path of Seven)
The nine-card “Portrait” spread
The Grand Tableau
Mind reading using Kipper

More to come soon. In the meantime, if you wish to book a Kipper reading with me, please feel free to contact me.